Purple Robin Reserve opened 7 years ago on Main Street in Lititz. Opening doors to 200 local and regional artists.

Art Medium Spotlight

Maggie Youssef Artisan Felted Flowers

PA Partner Artist Maggie Youssef feels joy when designing and carefully handcrafting felt flowers in her home studio. Selecting the different shades of colors and feeling the texture of the felt are highlights of her creative process. Maggie’s individual flower stems make a wonderful, sustainable gift for those who appreciate artistic expression for home, office, or as a way to beautify any surrounding in a long-lasting way.

Margaret Thorn Watercolor

Lititz Partner Artist Margaret Thorn paints full-time and specializes in watercolor realism. Margaret slowly builds up layers of paint, creating a rich, three-dimensional, realistic likeness of each subject. Each painting is enhanced with involved composition.



Mary Anderson Pottery

Lititz Partner Artist Mary Anderson loves creating pottery. From her home studio Mary designs new pieces frequently from wine glasses to coffee mugs, snowflake ornaments to beer steins and serving trays and condiment bowls. Functional pottery is her goal. 

Jane Uzwiak Jewelry

Lititz Partner Artist Jane Uzwiak exclaims, “fused glass with all its vibrancy and endless palette was what first attracted me. Glass is a metaphor for life. With effort, care and skill, a piece of beauty, be it glass or life, can be created. Glass, like life, needs to be respected.”


Our mission is to offer handmade items created by talented local artisans while donating a portion of profit to charitable causes in our community.
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