Nonprofit Donations Each Year

Thanks to our amazing customers supporting our mission, we donate a portion of profits each year to local nonprofit organizations. Helping others help others, we love supporting our community.

2023 Donations: Currently considering locally based nonprofits for this year 🙂

2022 Donations: Warwick Strong Memorial Scholarship, CASA of Lancaster, North Star Initiative, Friendship Community, The GateHouse and KPETS

2021 Donations: Good Samaritan Services, Help the Fight, A Week Away Foundation, Eliannie Animal Rescue, Clare House

2020 Donations: Lititz Springs Park, North Star Initiative of Lititz, Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Lititz, and The Arc of Lancaster Lebanon based in Lititz.

2019 Donations: House of His Creation, TNT Youth Ministry

2018 Donations: Lititz Warwick Community Chest, Lititz-based Global Baby Steps, Lititz-based LymeBrave Foundation, Lititz-based The Conner M. Holland Foundation

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